First day working on a new painting. I am feeling good about the relationships that I have created at this moment. Will see what tomorrow brings.

After a week of working in my hot garage studio I finished the work above "Moving Up and Forward".  I was inspired by the locks on our river cruise in France.  The attraction for me was the scrapings along the sides of the lock.  Since I use a lot of scraping technique in my work, the picture that I took was the beginning of the work.

I was also interested in creating color against a neutral palette.

After returning from a river cruise in France where I visited Monet's garden, I was inspired to make a painting of the many Iris that were in bloom.  


I'm finally out of Kansas.  Returning home to Tucson from Mpls., We got off the freeway onto a two lane hwy that was to save us about an hours travel time.  The hwy was mostly empty so we did make good time and saved over an hrs. time on our trip.  Not much to look at in Kansas until the started looking at the empty hwy and all the markings and relationships.  I pulled out my phone and took some pics which was the inspiration for four works.  This painting is called "End of a Long Days Drive"  38.5" x 56"