Day two working on this painting. Added the red as to make the vertical edges more important. Trying to push out of what is comfortable.  We'll see where this takes me.

Day one working on a new painting. I'm trying to work with more color and this complimentary scheme is a good beginning.

Day 3 working on this painting.  Some progress.  A lot of my work of late seemed to lack color.  I'm trying to play color off neutrals.  Had to revisit Mattisse and his use of color. Where do I start with todays work?  Just need to get into the studio and make some moves.

Day 4 and the painting is finished. "Going Up #2"  48" x 49.75"

Day 2 Working on this painting. Off to a good start, I have many problems that need to be solved.  Nothing clicked yesterday and I'm kind of lost for direction.  I plan on working on the three narrow verticals today.

First day working on a new painting. I am feeling good about the relationships that I have created at this moment. Will see what tomorrow brings.

After a week of working in my hot garage studio I finished the work above "Moving Up and Forward".  I was inspired by the locks on our river cruise in France.  The attraction for me was the scrapings along the sides of the lock.  Since I use a lot of scraping technique in my work, the picture that I took was the beginning of the work.

I was also interested in creating color against a neutral palette.

After returning from a river cruise in France where I visited Monet's garden, I was inspired to make a painting of the many Iris that were in bloom.